BoatLifts & Bootshebeanlagen - The best way to park your boat!


With our BoatLifts you can easily park JetSkis and boats on the water! The systems optimally protect your watercraft from moisture, corrosion and growth.

This product is designed to protect your boat from fouling without having to lift it out of the water. This reduces maintenance and care to a minimum.

Our Boatlift platform is a modular system consisting of elements that can be adjusted according to the size of your boat. If desired, additional electric or manual winches can be installed.

Suitable systems for boats from. 4 to 10 meters can be made, which are also suitable for the use of jet skis. The modular principle of our boat lifts allows you to adjust and configure your boat lift according to your ideas.


Provide your
watercraft with
a safe haven.



is a floating platform for jet skis and small boats. Modular, ready to use and suitable for every jet ski model.

It can be installed almost anywhere. It is modular and self-supporting. Choose the width of the platform, Standard: 4m x1.5xm, Plus: 4m x 1.5m with adjustable wheels and Max: 4m x 2m with adjustable wheels

The Rotoport can be combined with both SunnyDock and RotoDock systems, or used without connection to any system, or used free-floating.



react quickly to changes in water levels, thereby protecting the product from waves, lakes and rivers - which allows you to create your own individual spaces in the seas, lakes and rivers. In addition, the design allows water to drain off the surface.

The installation can be customized by using available accessories such as anchors, metal parts, pipe support, etc. The Jetport can be connected to the Sunnydock systems with the dock hinge set. A range of connection accessories are available that can be connected to the Sunnydock, Rotodock and Marinedock products.


Series RDS-01050
Product description Jetport
Load Capacity 900kg/pc
Length 386 cm
Width 147 cm
Height 38 cm
Weight 180 kg

Jetport Plus

Easy entry and exit due to V-shaped design. Adjust the positions of the wheels to your jet ski model. No need for additional connecting parts due to the existing sleeves. There is a special cover to reduce damage to piles. There is an external stopper. The jet ski can be attached to the eyelet of the stopper. The design provides better load distribution at the base and adds rigidity.


Series RDS-01060
Product description Jetport
Load capacity 900 kg/pc
Length 386 cm
Width 147 cm
Height 38 cm
Weight 178 kg


Jetport MAX

provides a safe haven for your jet ski, keeping it high, dry and away from aggressive marine environments. Corrosion-free, heavy-duty rollers allow for easy docking and effortless launching for all PWC designs and will not scratch or chafe the jet ski's hull.
A variety of installation options are available and can be easily installed on piles or an existing floating dock.
A unique Sunny Dock cube to Roto Dock transition module is also available, offering even more versatility. The JET PORT MAX is practically maintenance-free. With UV stabilizers, JET PORT MAX provides years of good service.


Series RDS-01070 Max
Product description Jetport
Load capacity 1300 kg/pc
Length 386 cm
Width 196 cm
Height 38 cm
Weight 230 kg