Sunny Dock

Stay afloat with Sunny Dock

Sunnydock - Floating docks

are the ideal floating docks for all projects on the water. The modular flotation system, consisting of high-density polyethylene cubes and connecting pins, is easy to install and available in 4 different sizes.

Easily installed and adjustable
with the modular cube-system

The Cube system

Sunnydock are suitable for private and commercial use. But they are also used in fish farms, marinas, events (water sports, concerts, etc...), swimming pools and many other applications on the water.

The configuration layout of the Sunnydock cubes can be easily changed and the system can be set up or taken down quickly. Due to the cube-like structure, Sunnydock elements can be connected easily and without the help of technical personnel. In addition, it can be integrated with other dock systems such as rotodocks or jet ports.

Dimensions of Sunnydock:

Nr. Code Name Dimensions Weight  Price per unit
1 SDS-01010 SUNNYDOCK STANDARD 50x50x40 cm 6,5 kg 47,00 €


Element halb 50x50x25 cm 6,5 kg 39,00 €
3 SDS-01040 Sunnydock Double 100x50x40 cm 11 kg 86,00 €
4 SDS-01050 Sunny Doppel/Halbelement 100x50x25 cm 9,5 kg 68,00 €

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Environmentally friendly Polyethylen
gives our products strength and flexibility.
Weatherproof and UV resistant

Resistant to UV radiation, chemicals, salt water, acids and corrosion

Largely maintenance-free

Despite a long service life, it is largely maintenance-free

Modularly adjustable

Quick and easy assembly with a wide range of accessories and anchoring options