Roto Dock

Spend more time on the water and less on the dock!

Rotodock Floating Docks

have a limited number of components, which makes the assembly of the rotodock systems child's play. You can therefore also easily install them yourself. Subsequent additions to an existing installation are also not a problem. The systems offer a variety of connecting elements, which allows you to easily implement your desired layout.

From commercial to personal use:
Rotodock docks are suitable for every applications on water!


Product Code Flotation Cap Product Desc Width Length Height Weight
RDS-01041 (A) 1800 kg/pcs RD 2 X 3 m 196 cm 294 cm 38 cm 180 kg
RDS-01031 (B) 1350 kg/pcs RD 1,5 X 3 m 147 cm 294 cm 38 cm 130 kg
RDS-01021 (C) 900 kg/pcs RD 1 X 3 m 98 cm 294 cm 38 cm 90 kg
RDS-01010 (D) 450 kg/pcs RD 1 X 1,5 m  98 cm 147 cm 38 cm 45 kg

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Rotodock Main Components



Practical and Long Lasting Solutions


Easily installed & maintenance-free

Quick & easy installation saves you time and you don't have to think about annoying maintenance work

Flexibility & Durability

Guaranteed long usability. You can also extend the service life with the help of stabilization components

Modular design & functional accessories

Configurable layout with extensive accessories and anchoring options

Weatherproof and UV resistant

Resistant to UV radiation, chemicals, salt water, acids and corrosion

Non-slip surface

walk barefoot without slipping!


Plants made of environmentally friendly polyethylene

are resistant to UV radiation. In addition, the material and the beige/grey color ensure low temperatures on the surface of the platform, making it barefoot accessible in all seasons.


User-friendly design

and various installation options make Rotodock Swim Systems the perfect dock for your personal water access. If necessary, it can be individually adapted and expanded.